The Tennessee Cave Survey (TCS) is an internal organization of the National Speleological Society (NSS) in the state of Tennessee, USA dedicated to surveying and mapping of Tennessee caves. The TCS is committed to the discovery, exploration, survey and mapping of the caves of Tennessee and to systematically collect, organize, maintain both information and cave maps of Tennessee caves. TCS relies almost exclusively on the volunteer participation of its caver members to generate these data and cave maps. Consequently, TCS will only share this information with approved members. The TCS, along with its parent organization the NSS, strongly encourages and promotes the protection of the caves of Tennessee from significant adverse environmental impact. The TCS recognizes that this conservation should also be consistent with reasonable cave access for exploration, cave mapping and survey by cavers.

The TCS encourages its member cavers to maintain good relationships with cave landowners, both private and governmental to maintain access.

The TCS discourages widespread dissemination of sensitive cave information, that may encourage unprincipled or uneducated people to cause harm to the cave environment. TCS considers more protection of caves may sometimes be the best way to preserve the cave and its environment. TCS will not release sensitive cave locations, cave maps, and TCS data en mass to any person, outdoors group, government agencies, state agencies, private or non-profit organizations. However, on a case by case basis, TCS will consider releasing limited data to responsible people or agencies that it considers necessary to help preserve the cave and/or its environment.

Photo by Candice Eagle

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